Basilea Decorative

Glamourous and captivating, this version evokes a retrò inspiration. The front panels and shelves are lacquered in a flashy shade of petrol-green coloured gloss, with a front slat in bronze.

  • Technical Features
  • Strut: solid wood with opaque black lacquer.
  • Metal parts: bronze.
  • Desk unit: external walls finished with a petroleumgreen coloured lacquer. Internal walls covered with an opaque black lacquer.
  • Open unit: bronze.
  • Shelves: lacquered in a petroleum green colour with front slats in bronze.

The rail supports, feet, shelves, and the tierods are in bronze, with the strut in solid wood with an opaque black finish.
The open units, with internal separations and a drawer, are fully covered with brushed brass.