Basilea Rock

The most technical of all the variations, designed for people with decided taste and a love for metal.

  • Technical Features
  • Strut: brushed solid oak with opaque black lacquer finish.
  • Metal parts: black opaque lacquer.
  • Open unit: glossy steel with and without partitions.
  • Storage unit: brushed solid oak with black lacquer finish.
  • Shelves: black iron with glossy steel front slats.

The shelves are entirely covered in black iron and the front slat is made of polished steel.
The strut, on the contrary, has a strong tactile aspect as it is made in solid brushed oak with a black lacquer finish. The metal parts are finished with a black opaque lacquer and the open units are clad on both the inside and the outside in glossy steel. A masterpiece of the highest quality of craftmanship.