Basilea Sophisticated

The most original and authentic expression of Basilea. This piece returns to the use of traditional materials and timeless combinations, rediscovering a rich past.

  • Technical Features
  • Strut: solid maple and solid beech.
  • Metal parts: gold plated brass.
  • Storage: unit externally in maple and internally covered in green parchment.
  • Shelves: maple with front slats veneered in beech.

It is made from two materials, beech and maple, which alternate between both the vertical and the horizontal parts of the bookshelf. The metal parts are in glossy gold finish and the interior of the storage unit is clad in green parchment, a very ancient-style material that requires the work of a skilled craftsman, giving the project an aura of the sophistication of times gone by. Inside the shelf there is a pull-out ledge, which makes a stylistic reference to old British libraries, which one can lean a document on during quick consultations or write a brief note.